About  Us

Over the many many years I have been working in the trade and out of it lets not forget prior to takinga roll in this industry I was a metal finisher in my own little shop all but 300 yards away fromThe church.The people who you meet in any line of work can be key in the success of any business, this will be a massive help to me and The Church the people and friends I have meet over the last 25 years from kp’s to ops management, head chefs to recruitment consultants will prove too be invaluable from advice to knowledge as everyone will have had there own take on this trade, there ups and there downs and how they have adapted to the ever changing catering trade.


There are so many famous pubs in the Birmingham area is there room for more absolutely, all are doing there own thing but for me there is nothing better than having a great meal with great service and great atmosphere, that is what I want The Church to be known for. The venue to be like a chameleon, a good daytime trade fantastic food on the early evening then a cracking atmosphere on the night with a mix of Dj’s/Artists providing that funky vibe ready for weekend, and when the hangovers kick in the best Sunday brunch and roasts for miles to come.

Success can be measured in many ways it doesn’t have to be a monetary value these days trip advisors and google ratings seem to have taken over the world. To succeed in life you have to have targets its the same in business, for The Church to be successful it will take time and effort it will not be an overnight success. To be known as the go to bar and venue year in year out then I would class that as a success, so my target for The Church is to be turning a profit whiles keeping the values I have learnt over the years to maintain the business as that go to place before you hit the town, the summer days on the roof top with friends or that quiet pint on a Saturday afternoon reading the paper.